Welcome to the new ASIDES

As we start our 2014-2015 Season, we want to take a few moments to welcome you back and show off a new look—both in the theatre and online. When you come to Shakespeare Theatre Company, everyone who attends will receive the ASIDES, a merged publication that combines our show program with Asides, our dramaturgical magazine. This new publication will allow everyone access to the in-depth production articles from ASIDES, and we hope that you will enjoy reading it, learning more about the plays and even take it home to savor after the show. Check out the new ASIDES when you see As You Like It, now playing at the Lansburgh Theatre.AYLI-Asides-Cover

Online we are growing, too. Our plan for this season is to expand the ASIDES Online to a regular blog, where you will be able to read extended versions of the printed articles, have access to photos and video content, get more behind-the-scenes features about our production and programming, as well as hear personal stories from many of STC’s staff, artists and actors.

Thank you for your continued support of STC and ASIDES, and happy reading.

Prosecast: As You Like It


The first Prosecast of the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s 2014-2015 season brings you an inside look at As You Like It. Explore the play’s history, characters and hear from Zoë Waites about playing one of Shakespeare’s richest female characters. Recorded at the Shakespeare Theatre Company by: Hannah Hessel Ratner, Audience Enrichment Manager Drew Lichtenberg, Literary Associate Zoë Waites, Rosalind in As You Like It Sound engineering and editing by Roc Lee.

Escape to the Forest of Arden


Stroll through the U.S. Botanic Garden with uninterrupted poetry. Each new passage correlates with a number on the map, but feel free to walk your own pace so that you can best enjoy the greenery. Learn More.

Prosecast: Private Lives


This episode invites you into the glamorous world of Private Lives as we discuss Noël Coward’s career, comedy and the never ending battle of the sexes.  Plus, you can learn from the master, as director Maria Aitken shares her experience playing and directing Coward. Recorded at the Shakespeare Theatre Company by: Hannah Hessel, Audience Enrichment Manager Drew Lichtenberg, Literary Associate Maria Aitken, Private Lives Director Sound engineering and editing by Andrew Smith. Read a transcript of this episode.

Potent Glamour – The Starry World of Private Lives

In late 1929, Noël Coward set off for an extended trip to the Far East. Planning to meet his traveling companion in Tokyo, he settled into the Imperial Hotel for an early night and recalled that “the moment I switched out the light, Gertie appeared in a white Molyneux dress on a terrace in the South of France, and refused to go again until 4 a.m., by which time Private Lives, title and all had constructed itself.”

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Coward’s Leading Lady

“Although I never knew him, Coward has had a profound influence on my life,” Maria Aitken says, and it is easy at once to see why. With her patrician good looks and posh accent, as well as her droll, understatedly wicked theatre stories, she is the spitting image of the Noël Coward aesthetic.

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Coward’s fascinating rhythms

In June of 1921, Noël Coward made his first visit to New York City. Among the many things that impressed the then 22-year-old were Coney Island at night, Harlem’s cabarets, the writers and wits that lunched at the Algonquin Hotel, and theatrical impresario David Belasco’s purple silk dressing gown. The experience that had the most significant effect on the fledgling playwright, however, came on his first night in Manhattan: seeing a Broadway show.

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