Behind the Scenes: Tartuffe

Join us for behind-the-scenes glimpses into the inspirations for Tartuffe‘s design. This week, Costume Designer Sonya Berlovitz shares her design inspirations and the challenges in bringing the show to life. Our version of the play sprang from a very contemporary adaptation that laid the groundwork for a historically eclectic design vision. This is reflected in the costumes as a layering of 17th century details in some of the silhouettes, lines, and textures combined with modern elements and in some cases contemporary clothing. We …

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UP NEXT: Tartuffe

An interview with Tartuffe director Dominique Serrand What was your inspiration for this production? The very first time we approached this piece was when the religious right began comparing artists to pornographers. We thought, “Now is the time to do Tartuffe.” Once you pursue a piece, you realize what you could do better. For the design, we wanted a 17th-century interior that could get very bright—we didn’t want a dark setting, hypocrisy should be in a bright environment. It slowly becomes reminiscent of a cathedral or a church within the home. The lights remain …

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Prosecast: Tartuffe


The latest Prosecast takes you inside the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s production of Tartuffe.  The discussion explores Moliere’s scandalous life, the play’s cross-country experience and turning a religious hypocrite into a Don Juan.  Featuring actor Steven Epp.  Recorded at the Shakespeare Theatre Company by: Hannah Hessel Ratner, Audience Enrichment Manager Drew Lichtenberg, Literary Associate Steven Epp, Tartuffe Sound engineering and editing by Roc Lee.  

Inside the Shops: Making a Sword Bend


How the Trick Sword was Made Special contribution from Eric Hammesfahr, Props Painter/Sculptor One of the swords in Man of La Mancha had to bend  unnaturally as part of an effect. It needed to bend in a “U” shape then snap back into shape. Although the creative team had a particular style of sword in mind (a broadsword) it wouldn’t have to be a real sword, but would have to look like one to make this concept believable. We did not …

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Teen Critics: Man of La Mancha

The Teen Critic Program at Shakespeare Theatre Company allows high school students interested in theatre, journalism and/or critical writing the opportunity to learn how to view productions with a critical eye and write a savvy, persuasive theatre review. The Teen Critics attend each production, receive a press packet, preferred press seating and have the opportunity to meet with professional theatre critics from local newspapers before writing their own reviews.  Here are some excerpts from their reviews of Man of La Mancha. Nana Gongadze, 11th …

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ASIDES: El Hombre de La Mancha


(To read the original English version, click here.)  Las fases de Don Quijote De Edward Friedman. Traducción de Jessica Peña. Revisiones por Sara Mercedes Medina González. El Hombre de La Mancha es un tributo de Dale Wasserman, Joe Darion y Mitch Leigh al Don Quijote de Miguel de Cervantes. El musical es más que un intento de recrear la novela; es una lectura de ésta, por lo cual no se pierde el espíritu ni el tono de la obra original. El …

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ASIDES: Men of La Mancha

(Para leer en Español, haga click aquí.) Stages of Don Quixote By Edward Friedman Man of La Mancha is a tribute by Dale Wasserman, Joe Darion, and Mitch Leigh to Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote. The musical is an adaptation, more of a “reading” than an attempted recreation of the novel, but it captures the spirit and much of the tone of the original. The creators of Man of La Mancha understand essential elements of Don Quixote, Don Quixote, and most importantly perhaps, Cervantes. They realize that the author knew how to bring …

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En un lugar de La Mancha

In recognition of Cervantes’ legacy, we at STC want to extend our content to the Spanish-speaking community. We asked Jessica Peña Torres, STC Sales Associate and ASIDES Editorial Intern, to share her thoughts on Man of La Mancha, in her native language. (Click here for a translation) Por Jessica L. Peña Torres. Revisiones por Sara Mercedes Medina González. “En un lugar de La Mancha de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme…” ¿Quién no se sabe la primera línea de la novela del Quijote? Si …

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“Somewhere in La Mancha”

In recognition of Cervantes’ legacy, we at STC want to extend our content to the Spanish-speaking community. We asked Jessica Peña Torres, STC Sales Associate and ASIDES Editorial Intern, to share her thoughts on Man of La Mancha, in her native language. (Para leer en Español, haga click aquí.) By Jessica L. Peña Torres. Revisions by Sara Mercedes Medina González. “Somewhere in La Mancha, in a place whose name I do not care to remember…” Who doesn’t know the opening line of the …

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ASIDES: The Impossible Musical


By Drew Lichtenberg One of the first things to know about Man of La Mancha, perhaps the most popular adaptation of Don Quixote, is that it isn’t an adaptation at all. During a 1959 trip to Madrid, Dale Wasserman read the book (or parts of it, it isn’t entirely clear) and came away convinced that this book, considered the greatest novel of all time, this “monument to human wit and folly could not, and should not, be dramatized.” Wasserman was …

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