Welcome to the new ASIDES

AYLI-Asides-CoverAs we start our 2014-2015 Season, we want to take a few moments to welcome you back and show off a new look—both in the theatre and online. When you come to Shakespeare Theatre Company, everyone who attends will receive the ASIDES, a merged publication that combines our show program with Asides, our dramaturgical magazine. This new publication will allow everyone access to the in-depth production articles from ASIDES, and we hope that you will enjoy reading it, learning more about the plays and even take it home to savor after the show. Check out the new ASIDES when you see As You Like It, now playing at the Lansburgh Theatre.

Online we are growing, too. Our plan for this season is to expand the ASIDES Online to a regular blog, where you will be able to read extended versions of the printed articles, have access to photos and video content, get more behind-the-scenes features about our production and programming, as well as hear personal stories from many of STC’s staff, artists and actors.

Thank you for your continued support of STC and ASIDES, and happy reading.

ASIDES: An interview with Zoe Waites and Tara Giordano

FACES AND VOICES From the U.K. to the District: Classical training for the Classical stage By Hannah Hessel Ratner You may have heard that the best way to get to Carnegie Hall is practice but no amount of reciting Romeo and Juliet in front of the mirror will get you cast in one of Shakespeare’s plays. In truth there are a number of paths actors take but in most of their resumes you’ll find some type of advanced training in …

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ASIDES: Mapping the Play

By Garrett Anderson, Artistic Fellow, from ASIDES Typically, productions of As You Like It are filled with pastoral representations of British forests, farmland and fauna. Traversing the world of Arden, however, proves tricky for the characters in the play, who are exposed to a magical, theatrical world of lions and serpents, olive groves, chestnut trees and antique roots, one where there are “sermons in stones, books in the babbling brooks, and good in everything.” For the design team creating a world where this all takes place, illustrating Arden is a real challenge. Set and costume …

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The Play’s the Thing

Tonight we celebrate the 80th birthday of beloved actor and Affiliated Artist Ted van Griethuysen. To mark the occasion, Ted performs “The Play’s the Thing,” a one-man exploration of the Bard’s most celebrated and debated text, Hamlet. Througout his extensive career, Ted has taken on Hamlet numerous times, embodying Hamlet (twice), Laertes (twice), The Ghost (twice), Claudius, Polonius, First Player and the Gravedigger. For the event, Ted took us on a walk back through the productions that made this text one of the …

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ASIDES: The Many Colors of Michael Attenborough


The Decorated Director Makes his D.C. Debut with Shakespeare’s Comedy of Desire, Passion and Gender, As You Like It  By Drew Lichtenberg, Literay Associate and Resident Dramaturg at STC, from ASIDES. One of the subtle things you notice about Michael Attenborough after spending a week in rehearsal with him is his shoes. He owns nine pairs of vintage Converse All-Stars, each a different color. He has brought four of them with him on the trip from his home in London …

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ASIDES: Wanderlust

Tonight we open As You Like It, Shakespeare’s playful comedy where poetry, mistaken identities and true love abound. In celebration, we take you deeper into the world of the play with a look at one of our feature articles from ASIDES, written by Drew Lichtenberg, Literary Associate and Resident Dramaturg at STC. Wanderlust Many scholars believe that As You Like It, which was written around 1599 or 1600, was one of the first plays performed at the Globe Theatre, following quickly on the …

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Prosecast: As You Like It


The first Prosecast of the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s 2014-2015 season brings you an inside look at As You Like It. Explore the play’s history, characters and hear from Zoë Waites about playing one of Shakespeare’s richest female characters. Recorded at the Shakespeare Theatre Company by: Hannah Hessel Ratner, Audience Enrichment Manager Drew Lichtenberg, Literary Associate Zoë Waites, Rosalind in As You Like It Sound engineering and editing by Roc Lee. Read a transcript of this episode.

Escape to the Forest of Arden


Stroll through the U.S. Botanic Garden with uninterrupted poetry. Each new passage correlates with a number on the map, but feel free to walk your own pace so that you can best enjoy the greenery. Learn More.

Prosecast: Private Lives


This episode invites you into the glamorous world of Private Lives as we discuss Noël Coward’s career, comedy and the never ending battle of the sexes.  Plus, you can learn from the master, as director Maria Aitken shares her experience playing and directing Coward. Recorded at the Shakespeare Theatre Company by: Hannah Hessel, Audience Enrichment Manager Drew Lichtenberg, Literary Associate Maria Aitken, Private Lives Director Sound engineering and editing by Andrew Smith. Read a transcript of this episode.