Prosecast: Measure for Measure



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This episode looks at the themes of sexuality, power and morality in Shakespeare’s completing Measure for Measure. Is the play a comedy? Does it have an agenda? How is the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s production addressing this challenging play?

Featuring an interview with director Jonathan Munby, giving a sneak peek into the rehearsal room and talking about his influences.

Recorded at the Shakespeare Theatre Company by:

Hannah Hessel, Audience Enrichment Manager
Drew Lichtenberg, Literary Associate
Jonathan Munby, Director, Measure for Measure

Sound engineering and editing by Andrew Smith.

Read a transcript of this episode.


  1. well if you call sex a “dark” quality ok
    but i would say the repression of sex is the dark thing.

  2. @smith the reason the sex is referred to as dark is because the sex that is being discussed is not consenual.

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